Monday, May 03, 2010

Ok! So apparently three months isn't once a week, who would've guessed? Things here in Africa have been Incredible! God has been working in and through my life and the ministries as I and the people I'm working with have simply made ourselves available to be used for Him and His purposes.

Quick Update on Berakah - Building has been going on there, they are currently finishing up the last two class rooms at the Berakah Center, and at Viva there have been a lot of students coming each week to continue the building there, the place looks incredible. I'll try and post some new photo's in the running photo album that you see on the side of the webpage.

Also Prison outreach! Baviaanspoort Prison is a local prison that I've been working at quite a bit recently, I'm going there to preach again on Thursday, please pray for that outreach, it's a vital course that we're running there to try and bring true life change into the lives of the inmates, we currently have 18 people there that are going through some hectic life changing experiences as they have decided to hand their lives over to the One True Living God, and live for Him, and they've committed to a process of mind renewal and discipleship.

I am super stoked too about all of the ministry that's been happening, realizing how much God has given us to give as His children, and it's amazing how when we give out, God moves in and through us, and in turn He fills us up with more and more of Himself.

Is there joy in the House of the Redeemed? Hallelujah! God has given us His Spirit to live inside of us, and as we dwell with Him He shows us more of Himself, and He empowers us to be the light and salt that this world so desperately needs!

God Bless,

-Bryan Hill

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