Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey friends,

Life in South Africa this week has been great, I've been working with the Baviaanspoort prison ministry, the Hopeline Prayer Ministry, SA Cares for life, and also with the YOYL (year of your life) students.

I've had an incredible week, while I was at the prison we shared the salvation message with the group there and a lot of the guys there gave their Hearts to the Lord on thursday, I was so excited to see the new believers enter in to the Kingdom of God. Praise God for their lives!

Also I've been out at SA Cares Lesedi site, I was visiting with their soccer team the Lesedi Strikers, we brought out some donated sports equipment to the guys there and also we able to introduce them to their new coach! I was able to arrange someone with soccer skills to go out and train the guys there, so they we're very excited and happy about the new stuff that they had received and their new coach.

When I was working with Hopeline prayer ministry this week we were able to get them established on Facebook and Mxit (mxit is a cell phone chatting program) which has made access to their prayer ministry services much easier for people across the country.

Also the Year of Your Life program at Hatfield Christian Church has a community service program for their students, I've been working connecting those volunteers to the various ministries, it's a huge help to have 45+ volunteers working with the ministries.

God is good! and I am excited at what I see Him doing in and through the lives of His people and in the world. May His Kingdom be built and His name be glorified in the world!

God Bless,

-Bryan Hill

Friday, May 07, 2010

Hey Friends!

Another quick update... Things at the Baviaanspoort Prison went well on Thursday, I'm excited by the growth in the inmates lives, it's been incredible to see and witness. God has been doing amazing things in our midst as we have just finished our first month of the discipleship program there.

Hopefully by the time we start the next discipleship course we will be able to use some of the inmates there as leaders in the course. Please continue to pray for them as they are on this journey of discipleship.

Yesterday I also met with SA Cares for life, I've been working with one of their centers called Lesedi La Batho, currently we just found someone who would be able to work with their Soccer team the "lesedi strikers" to help them with training and improve their soccer skills. I'm excited as well about the developments that are happening there.

This week I've been amazed at how faithful God is, I think of how many generations have been following this same faith, how many lives have been changed! I think of how I am part of that legacy of faith, that there have been many before me who have given their lives to God, and now in this time it is my turn to continue with that, this is my time to live for God upon the earth and proclaim His glory and majesty, as it yours!

This is our time as the body of Christ to build His Kingdom here on earth, to stand firm upon the earth and bear witness to the world the glory, splendor, and grace of our God.


God Bless,

-Bryan Hill
Visions Of Africa Ministry

Monday, May 03, 2010

Ok! So apparently three months isn't once a week, who would've guessed? Things here in Africa have been Incredible! God has been working in and through my life and the ministries as I and the people I'm working with have simply made ourselves available to be used for Him and His purposes.

Quick Update on Berakah - Building has been going on there, they are currently finishing up the last two class rooms at the Berakah Center, and at Viva there have been a lot of students coming each week to continue the building there, the place looks incredible. I'll try and post some new photo's in the running photo album that you see on the side of the webpage.

Also Prison outreach! Baviaanspoort Prison is a local prison that I've been working at quite a bit recently, I'm going there to preach again on Thursday, please pray for that outreach, it's a vital course that we're running there to try and bring true life change into the lives of the inmates, we currently have 18 people there that are going through some hectic life changing experiences as they have decided to hand their lives over to the One True Living God, and live for Him, and they've committed to a process of mind renewal and discipleship.

I am super stoked too about all of the ministry that's been happening, realizing how much God has given us to give as His children, and it's amazing how when we give out, God moves in and through us, and in turn He fills us up with more and more of Himself.

Is there joy in the House of the Redeemed? Hallelujah! God has given us His Spirit to live inside of us, and as we dwell with Him He shows us more of Himself, and He empowers us to be the light and salt that this world so desperately needs!

God Bless,

-Bryan Hill

Friday, February 05, 2010

Dear Friends,

I’ve been meaning to write on here for a while now and I’ve finally gotten around to it, if things go according to plan I’d like to try and put out updates around once a week or so.

This week I’ve been working with Berakah quite intensively, as a ministry they have been undergoing some big changes, and part of those changes is that I’m going to be stepping in as the General Manager over Berakah and Viva, which means that I will be directly in charge of running/overseeing the two centers between Berakah and Viva.

Berakah Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Mamelodi that takes care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, they provide education to all ages of people in the community from pre-school daycare to life skills development, and they also work in the area of business development and income generating activities for the community.

Berakah is the name given to the Daycare, After School care, and Nursery center. Viva life foundation is the name given to the Orphan and Vulnerable care facility, as well as the life skills/business development center once it’s fully completed.

Berakah is currently in the process of expanding their classrooms. Viva is in the process of expanding their facilities to be able to accommodate more care families for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Students from the University of Pretoria are working in partnership with Berakah and Viva, and have sponsored the new building projects. Praise God for his provision.

On a side note I’m buying a car, and I should have it by the end of next week, I’m excited about that. That’s news from South Africa! More news to come soon...Thanks for your prayers and support.

God Bless,

-Bryan Hill