Friday, May 07, 2010

Hey Friends!

Another quick update... Things at the Baviaanspoort Prison went well on Thursday, I'm excited by the growth in the inmates lives, it's been incredible to see and witness. God has been doing amazing things in our midst as we have just finished our first month of the discipleship program there.

Hopefully by the time we start the next discipleship course we will be able to use some of the inmates there as leaders in the course. Please continue to pray for them as they are on this journey of discipleship.

Yesterday I also met with SA Cares for life, I've been working with one of their centers called Lesedi La Batho, currently we just found someone who would be able to work with their Soccer team the "lesedi strikers" to help them with training and improve their soccer skills. I'm excited as well about the developments that are happening there.

This week I've been amazed at how faithful God is, I think of how many generations have been following this same faith, how many lives have been changed! I think of how I am part of that legacy of faith, that there have been many before me who have given their lives to God, and now in this time it is my turn to continue with that, this is my time to live for God upon the earth and proclaim His glory and majesty, as it yours!

This is our time as the body of Christ to build His Kingdom here on earth, to stand firm upon the earth and bear witness to the world the glory, splendor, and grace of our God.


God Bless,

-Bryan Hill
Visions Of Africa Ministry

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